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Feb 23, 2018


Forge2Stride - Laravel Forge Deployment Notifications to Stride

In our development workflow, we had recently switched our development team communications from Slack to Stride (for reasons not mentioned here). Unfortunately, Laravel Forge did not have an option for a Stride Notification channel, so we lost our automated deployment notifications. This can be a real pain for the members of the dev team who deploy code, but are not managing the Forge servers.

Recently, in an article on medium, Taylor Otwell announced a new feature for Laravel Forge which provides "Post Deployment Webhooks" for notifying external applications.

Fortunately for us, Forge recently added the new webhook feature. Seems like a new tool was needed!

We prepared a very simple Laravel app (forge2stride) to provide webhooks and listen for deployment notifications from Forge. Once notified, our app formats a markdown message and forwards that to a room reserved for Forge deployment notifications. Now our team members can join in rooms for their development projects and receive commit and deployment notifications. Problem solved.

We decided to share what we have with the community. So, we whipped up a domain and the application forge2stride.com is available at no charge to anyone who would like to use it. Since it is part of our workflow, we plan to keep the site running until Forge is able to make Stride notifications directly. Enjoy!

Note: Atlassian Stride is similar to Slack and is a big improvement over their HipChat application.

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