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Feb 23, 2018

Forge2Stride - Laravel Forge Deployment Notifications to Stride

We prepared a very simple Laravel app (forge2stride) to provide webhooks and listen for deployment notifications from Forge. Once notified, our app formats a markdown message and forwards that to a room reserved for Forge deployment notifications. Now our team members can join in rooms for their development projects and receive commit and deployment notifications. Problem solved!

Jan 24, 2018

A PSR-15 Compliant Middleware Bridge for Laravel

The standard for HTTP Handlers (PSR-15) is approved as of Jan 22, 2018. The laravel-psr15-middleware library is a Laravel compatible middleware that creates a bridge between PSR-7/PSR-15 interfaces and Laravel's middleware stack and Foundation HTTP message objects.

Dec 15, 2017

Supercharge your JSON using collections in PHP

The JsonCollect package allows you to surround your JSON objects with the power of collection methods. Making it easy to navigate/modify your data with methods like tap(), pluck(), reduce(), search(), pipe(), where(), transform() and many others. You can even add new commands at runtime with macro().

Dec 12, 2017

Create a Sticky Footer Using Tailwind CSS

In this quick tutorial, I'll describe how to use Tailwind's utility classes to create a sticky footer. For those who are not familiar with Tailwind, it is a utility first CSS framework which speeds up UI development. If you haven't taken it for a spin, maybe this short tut will get you excited.

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